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B.C. is my favourite summer spot for biking, hiking and hanging out. But where to stay when heading to the popular hub of Whistler? 

British Columbia in Canada is my most visited summer destination.
The vast outdoors is so different to explore than any other I’ve known, with the mountains, lakes, sea and views. And there’s Whistler, a globally renowned mountain resort, that offers so much in summer in activities, atmosphere and experience. 

There’s the endless hiking and biking trails, pretty much any activity you could ask for in the setting, on top of the cosmopolitan life of bars, restaurants and events in Whistler Village. Not only is there an easy direct, and often quite good value, flight from London to Vancouver – an awesome city in itself surrounded by beaches – but the drive up to Whistler and the hills along the Howe Soundis one of my world top three.

The biking terrain is incredible. It newly expanded last season, with five new Creek Side trails added to the 300km of Blackcomb singletrack. And, for the MTB viewing, it’s certainly somewhere to head in August for Crankworx event. 

But first, when visiting this hub in British Columbia, where is there to stay in Whistler that’s firstly affordable – it’s a pretty expensive place especially comparing to the Alps – and comfortable for relaxing in after a probable day of action and exertion in North America’s centre for outdoor recreation.

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The Pangea Pod Hotel is right in the centre of Whistler Village. It’s new boutique accommodation that’s status lies somewhere between a hotel and a hostel. A little more hostel than hotel… But a really nice one with more privacy and luxury than any I’ve seen before.

For me, heading to the great outdoors of B.C. and the bustling Whistler, I want to spend as much time out enjoying the town and mountains as I can. I look for a comfortable place to rest up. So this place is just right.

The ‘Toy Box’

The Pangea Pod Hotel is, as you might guess by the name, a collection of spacious sleeping pods. Pods lined in wood with double mattresses and storage space are set up in well designed hostel-like rooms. But, unlike in a hostel, you can shut your blackout curtain and kick back in your little pod.

Pangea has eight shared large suites that each contain between six and 18 sleeping pods. I’d describe it as cosy comfort. And it’s cheaper than a hotel room – You’re essentially only paying for the part of the room that you need.

Side entry pod

The Pangea Pod Hotel is also a good place to hang out. It is sleek in design but has a 100% laid back feel.

The ‘Toy Box’ is where you can store your gear, hanging up your bike in summer or skis and boards in winter. There’s a roof top bar to watch the hustle of Whistler life on the streets below, serving class cocktails, wine and beer. The cafe downstairs serves good coffee, Canadian brunch and easy evening food such as flatbread pizzas, if you don’t want to amble down into the hubub.

Pangea Pod Brunch

And it is much more comfortable than an open dorm. I’m not sure I could handle a full on hostel anymore. But there are some similarities to a hostel I was reminded of during my two nights there. Though it feels more private, there is just a curtain between you and the feet or heads of returning late-night revellers (depending where your pod is stacked). And partying isn’t exactly uncommon in Whistler. No matter if you’re a good sleeper or one of these party-ers yourself. 

If you’re there solely for the day time entertainment, requesting a smaller room with fewer pods is definitely a good idea. If you’re a couple and wish to share, then the side-entry pods are your best bet, as those do not carry any second-person surcharge. But Pangea Pod isn’t really where you come for a romantic weekend away in a hotel. It’s somewhere comfortable to hunker down at night and rest up for whatever is next on the busy Whistler agenda. 

Take advantage of the social vibe and central location and meet like-minded travellers in Whistler to bike, hike or hang out. 

‘Front Entry’ Pod

The layout of the pods are compact and clever. Each incorporates charging outlets, lights, a mirror, artwork, a locked cabinet for valuables, hangers and hooks for backpacks and jackets, and a storage area for luggage. It’s far from budget. If you don’t mind a small living space (and paying for just this), the Pangea is ideal.

This is exactly where the idea for the Pangaea pods came from – the need for a new kind of accommodation at a lower cost.

Chic. Shared. Central.

These are the three words that sum up this novel hotel in Whistler village.

I stayed for two nights, one of party and one for an early night. And it was honestly ideal for this trip. The first night I crawled into bed, closed the curtain and watched a film on my laptop, ready for a day of hiking and discovering new lakes. The next I joined in with Whistler’s famous nightlife. If I’m heading back to Whistler, which I sure hope to soon, either in summer for biking or in winter to ski, I would definitely come back to this place again. 

It’s a stone’s throw from the Blackcomb gondolas, is in the centre of the eating-drinking zone and makes it mega easy to dump bikes or skis, season dependent, in the stylish storage space to move into ultimate relax time. 

More on the summer activities and endless adventure in Whistler shortly…

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The Pangea Pod Hotel has reminded me of Camp Zero – another active persons hotel a little closer to home in the Aosta Valley.I visited this winter the luxury hotel, complete with ice climbing wall, in Champoluc, Italy: CAMP ZERO

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